Did you know? Why GIIS is among the best international school in Noida

Do you know which school emerged position one in the Innovators Category in the esteemed Times School survey 2020? Well, it is GIIS Noida. The school managed to garner the top spot thanks to its continued inspiration and confidence from students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. The performance of the school is unmatched. Everything about GIIS Noida, right from the learning environment, teaching methodologies, school infrastructure, and facilities speaks of excellence and quality.

Reasons why GIIS is among the best international schools in Noida

1. Sustained education through virtual learning

Amidst the educational crises brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, learning was impaired across many educational institutions. The Global Indian International Schools stood out from the rest. For instance, GIIS Noida was able to facilitate easier online learning for its students. The school improved its digital infrastructure and helped students shift smoothly from physical to virtual classrooms. With its resourceful library equipped with digital content, teachers can ensure smooth learning without interruptions.

2. Creative learning frameworks

GIIS Noida boasts of integrated learning frameworks that combine traditional and modern teaching methodologies to provide holistic education to students. GIIS is the only school in Noida that utilizes the 9GEMS framework fully. This teaching approach is age-appropriate, balanced, and easily adaptable by students. Through this style of learning, students can excel academically and in other essential aspects of life. Using these frameworks, students can grow and become strong academically, skillfully and morally. The school has been known to be the best at producing well-rounded students.

Not to forget the Montessori approach to education for younger learners. This framework for preschoolers has proved to be effective in how it nurtures students and helps them to grow intellectually and cognitively.
The hands-on style of learning that is a vital feature of the Montessori approach allows students to interact with different learning materials and engage in lively activities that make learning a fun experience. As students move and interact with each other freely, they share ideas and learn at their own pace. This makes sure that the needs of different students are taken care of well.

The CBSE, one of the most comprehensive learning frameworks, is the primary curriculum in GIIS Noida. It has managed to bring out the best in the educational experiences of students.

3. Digital learning tools

GIIS Noida has some of the best digital learning tools. The school’s website and learning apps make learning easier and enjoyable to students and teachers. Classroom attention is no longer an issue. Some of the modern facilities that the school has built include a digital library, computer labs, AV room and a video conferencing facility, among others. All these support learning in the virtual space. Similarly, the implementation of the Whatsapp helpline, a number that operates on a 24-hour basis, enables parents to ask questions, get answers and resolve issues in real-time. This modern infrastructure exposes students to ideal environments and equips them with the right skills for 21st-century learning.

4. Knowledge exchange at a global level

With a community of more than 20,000 learners from different nationalities and countries, GIIS Noida enjoys a global advantage. Its international exchange programme gives students an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other students across the global campuses. They can share ideas and new knowledge as they work on different projects. This type of international exposure gives the students an edge over their peers in other schools.

5. Continuous development of teachers

Quality and experienced teachers at GIIS Noida make the school one of the best. The institution runs customized training sessions through virtual platforms. This enables teachers from different GIIS campuses to connect, discuss and teach other the best teaching methodologies and techniques. The school further provides teachers with a unique learning management system where they can improve their teaching competencies as they work. Likewise, it empowers them with tools for all-round learning and assessment of students. This guarantees capacity building and continuous development for both teachers and students.

6. A global platform for talent development

At GIIS Noida, students are allowed a chance to participate in international events organized by GIIS campuses. There are inter school events that bring together students from different GIIS campuses to showcase their talents. Events such as the Global Indian Stars and the Real World Challenges Convention allow students to interact and compete with international students on a global arena, thus giving them a competitive spirit.

With all these qualities, facilities and best practices, GIIS is leading the way in providing the best education in Noida. With its unique learning environment, GIIS equips students with the right skills and prepares them to face future challenges. Unlike other international schools in Noida, GIIS offers a plethora of scholarships to give both new and existing students and opportunity to access education at much lower rates and come out as well-rounded students fit to be responsible citizens.