wc fbbl introduction

i've yet to mention this in any of my journals, but [oceanic microplastics] managed to rope me into a fantasy baseball league. they named the league “world champs”, which is cute. there are a fortunately-even 12 teams involved. all the owners live in [up north], besides me, as far as i've been told.

here's a list of the teams.

- is this winnable? (me) - oceanic microplastics - k/9 unit - fog dawgs - the big sticks - la liga de tu mama - unstable genetics - the butcher coming - true story - fenway faithful - 9 lives - terrifying tigers

if the fact i agreed seems strange, that's because it is. they knows — everybody who knows me knows — that i'm not much of a sports person. i appreciate athleticism from afar, the idea, but watching games isn't my idea of fun. it *could*; i'm willing to bet choosing a random team from every sport and watching them as the season progressed would be fun. fantasy sports, though? that's a whole 'nother level of chaos. team loyalty goes out the window as you try to put together a team of stat-earning players.

despite how well i'm holding up this first week, you would never have guessed that i had no idea how the process of drafting worked, or that active management of the team day-to-day was required. yahoo's interface isn't exactly intuitive, either. everything is locked away in menus and sub-menus, with multiple tabs on each page that require reloading on every click. it's a nightmare, frankly.

i have a feeling that [oceanic microplastics] set up grudge matches the first week to make sure that everyone was engaged from the beginning. them and i are currently matched, and oh boy, has this week been fucking nuts. i was initially discouraged because the first sunday ended with a 0-11 blowout — which means i was in the lead in zero of the tracked categories. however, i've since transitioned to being the ultimate comeback kid with a 9-4 lead. [oceanic microplastics] has (perhaps prematurely) called the week a loss, waving their white flag. we're close in a couple categories, and there's several days to go, so i'm hesitant to brag about how well i'm doing.

apparently the baseball season runs until *october*, so this won't be the last time i write about this. i'll be sure to give updates as the weeks go on. what almost sounds fun is a weekly live blog.

Click the below link to check the state of the league yourself! https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/60580?pspid=782201796&activity=league