wc fbbl week01 vs oceanic microplastics

whew! i've learned so much about the game, particularly as how it's played on yahoo fantasy. even more exciting than failing forward rules -wise, i won the “rivalry week” against [oceanic microplastics]! there's so much to say about last week's rollercoaster. more than just weekly posts are in the works, so hold tight, dear reader. for now, here’s a recap.

team — is this winnable? score — 8/5/0, 4th place (of 12) leads — runs, hits, stolen bases, wins, strikeouts, era, whip

team — oceanic microplastics score — 5/8/0, 8th place (of 12) leads — home runs, rbis, on base percentage, saves, holds

my next matchup is against the 7/5/1 “fenway faithful”. their profile border is silver, which means that they’ve played before. better stay on my toes! easter monday gave the both of us rather piddling points. they’re currently ahead 0-6, with neither of us earning any pitching stats.

[oceanic microplastics] and i both consider this week an upset, considering my inexperience. beginners luck carried me through the first week — can it ferry me through the remainder of the season? my vote is yes. while i have zero interest in baseball, i know how to make educated guesses based on numbers, trends, and rumblings in my gut. it may be the world champs league's undoing ...

Click the below link to check the state of the league yourself! https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/60580?pspid=782201796&activity=league