wc fbbl week02 vs fenway faithful

damn! the spanking i got this week has me completely demoralized. this second opponent, [fenway faithful], had a silver border, which means they’ve played fantasy drafts before, particularly on yahoo sports.

the worst part is, the ending lead (4/9) was completely reversed two days ago! i understand that the nature of fantasy baseball is that each week will be close, but this week was a nail-biter! – we're talking less than one or two points for each of the batting categories. three of my four w's came from aggressive pitching stats.

week02 results (me):

team — is this winnable? score — 12/14/0, 8th place (of 12) leads — home runs, holds, era, whip

team — fenway faithful score — 16/9/1, 2nd place (of 12) leads — runs, hits, rbis, stolen bases, fpct, obp, wins, saves, strikeouts

should have known better than to expect the blowout win i had against [oceanic microplastics] last week. part of me wants to keep track of their stats each week too, since i plan on — at least — doing better than them by the end of the season. that's the real measurement of success, in my book. fuck you, [oceanic microplastics]! (with love.)

here ... how does an abridged version of his week sound? somewhat surprisingly, we're tied in w/l/t scores. that's awesome, actually.

week02 results (om):

team — oceanic microplastics score — 12/14/0, 6th place (of 12)

team — k/9 unit score — 10/15/1, 11th place (of 12)

the next week's match will be yet another tossup. odds are, it'll be that way until after i've faced all 11 of the other teams. this time, instead of the independent factor being a rivalry or a silver border, this opponent is roughly the same rank as me. next up:

team — true story score — 10/13/3, 9th place (of 12)

some early scouting of [true story] reveals they are *riddled* with injuries. i count ... one IL7 and three IL10s. that's wild. for comparison, i have one IL10 and one DTD. they’re not getting three of those injuries back this week! the max IL slots for this league is four, so they have the added stress of either having to hold their breath through this week or make some cuts.

perhaps i'm being too optimistic, but this week sounds like the stars are aligned for a fat w in my favor.

Click the below link to check the state of the league yourself! https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/60580?pspid=782201796&activity=league