wc fbbl week03 vs true story

last week i envisioned a fat W in the stars against [true story]. i must not have had my glasses on, because it turned out to be a massive L instead.

from the beginning of the week batting stats were completely out of my hands. the week before was close — within one or two in each category — but this was tragic. the difference in hits, for example, was 18. the difference in on base percentage was ~.150.

if it's any consolation, the victor is now the 2nd place team. though, i remember that being the case last week, too.

week03 results (me):

team — is this winnable? score — 14/25/0, 12th place (of 12) leads — wins, holds

team — true story score — 21/15/3, 2nd place (of 12) leads — runs, hits, home runs, rbis, stolen bases, fpct, obp, saves, strikeouts, era, whip

a note that i got from [oceanic microplastics] was that i’ve been adding/dropping more than what is expected, even compared to other teams. they laughed at me when they noticed i’d dropped a big earner based off daily stats. i’ve made 17 moves, which is near the maximum 18 possible.

their week went much more smoothly than mine.

week03 results (om):

team — oceanic microplastics score — 19/19/1, 7th place (of 12)

team — k/9 unit score — 22/16/1, 3rd place (of 12)

my opponent this coming week is against [oceanic microplastics]’s latest victim, the gold-framed [k/9 unit]. to my advantage, i see four IL10s and one DTD. to my disadvantage, i hold two IL10s and two DTDs.

speaking of disadvantages, it’s quite possible that the past week’s blowout could be — now hear me out, could be — attributed to how i haven’t been up early enough to make changes before the games started each day. my sleep schedule is … diverse, we’ll say. plus, my desktop computer has a specific brave profile for the league that isn’t synced to my laptop or phone. to compensate, i’ve installed the yahoo fantasy app. so now, whenever and wherever, i can make changes to my team.

with the newfound knowledge that i’m trading too often and the fix to my poor daily team management implemented, i’m hoping for a 50/50 score split. if anything, can i at least break away from last place? – that’d be cool. i refuse to quit because of two back-to-back debilitating losses!

Click the below link to check the state of the league yourself! https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/60580?pspid=782201796&activity=league