Roscoe's Journal

So last night, for the first time in a long time, I reached for the Melatonin. It was my hope that it would help me find a long sleep segment after the first insomnia break. And it did.

The eyes opened easily with the alarm and feet hit the floor confidently. Moving through those regular first chores of the morning proceeded automatically. But here I sit in the front room several hours later, still not fully awake.

Now I remember why I've avoided the Melatonin for so long. It's because of this darned mental fog that haunts me, that lingers for hours, that dulls my thought processes. There are things I need to do today that demand a certain level of mental acuity. And I hope to get to them... as soon as this fog lifts.

For those keeping score, the stomach flu that hit me on Monday morning is still with me, but it's fading. I no longer have to race desperately to the bathroom, but I still need to be very careful about what I eat and what I do. So the recovery is in progress, slow though it may be. ( At 71 years old, I'm used to things taking longer. ) And that's the good news.

However, the wife has come down with this darned stomach thing now. It hit her on Wednesday night. She's about 10 years younger than me so she may recover faster than I am. But she has other health concerns that I don't have, so this thing may stick with her longer. I hope not, but we'll just have to wait and see.

So while I'm glad to be in recovery myself, I do feel bad about sharing the bug with the wife.

...but I've got no choice but to take it.

Yesterday evening I began to feel out of sorts and had some difficulty finding then holding onto sleep. The gut bomb hit in a big way about 04:30. It's a good thing my bedroom is so close to the bathroom. A couple trips from my bed to the “throne” were barely made in time.

The next several hours were spent doing little more than sitting slumped over on a chair by my bed or hiding under the covers. It was 10:30 before I felt well enough to move to the front of the house and force down a little food so I could take the morning's regular medications.

Now, in the early afternoon, I've got all the regular flu symptoms: sore joints, headache, vertigo, and an ugly feeling in my stomach. The LAST thing I want to think about is eating, though I will have to force down a little food again when I take the evening's pills.

So I rest, drink plenty of water, and wait for this mess to pass. I've already cancelled my plans to attend a business meeting this evening, The laundry can wait another day, the yard work will have to wait, too. And... today I rest.

Saturday early afternoon finds me watching Ohio State football from the comfort of my recliner as I rest from the morning's work, and grab a few hours of down time before preparing for the evening's work

This morning started very early. Feet had to hit the floor with my 05:00 alarm. After a quick cup of coffee and a sandwich for breakfast I was ready for my 06:30 ride to St. Mary's University. Together with a contingent of other 4th Degree Knights we performed at the procession and recession of a big Mass with the Archbishop.

At this evening's Mass at St. Thomas More I'm scheduled to lector and there will be a bit of prep work necessary before that service starts at 17:00 hours. But between then and now I'm enjoying this opportunity to take a quick breather.

Sunday morning I stood at the ambo before Mass, leading all assembled in a public Rosary. Piece of cake for me usually, but this time I stumbled.

I carry a notebook with me with the prayers printed and I read along as I move through the beads. The compound cataracts in my eyes chose Sunday morning to become particularly troublesome. The words on the pages shifted in and out of focus and seemed to swim around as I tried to follow them. All while I stood there in front of the microphone reciting the prayers.

More troubling than the tricks my eyes were playing was my stumbling a few times during the reading: losing my place once near the beginning and nearly omitting a prayer at the end. Where WAS my mind? Losing mental focus while doing a public reading disturbs me more than having my eyes go all wonky.

Let me tell you, kids: getting old is a real bitch at times.

...on the Day of the Dead. That would be me.

Last night's massive insomnia allowed me only three hours of sleep before the morning's second alarm called me awake at 06:00. Lord, I could have stayed in bed so easily! But no, there was work to do.

Today is All Souls Day. It used to be known as the Day of the Dead in earlier times. Several of us Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus arrived early in the morning at San Antonio's Holy Cross Cemetery to participate in the Mass of the Day offered there. I always enjoy working with other Knights, and today was another great experience. But by the time I returned home fatigue was settling in.

Relaxing now in the big brown recliner, watching College football, after eating a bowl of homemade soup, I will not be a bit surprised if some nap time comes my way. Would be nice if that happens. she pulled on a heavy sweater before climbing into her car this morning. I didn't argue, but I had to smile when I replied that yes, this is pretty close to what passes for Winter in San Antonio. It was a damp 50 something with a chilly wind blowing that brought the “real feel” temperature down into the 40s. Tomorrow morning is forecast to be a good ten degrees cooler, so I imagine she'll really bundle up.

It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, though, after these two gray, rainy days, and I'm glad. Tomorrow I have a funeral to attend. And a pretty day with warming temperatures will make that more bearable.

The South Texas Sun is brightly through my windows as I finally make progress on the day's chores. My laundry is cycling through the machines, and some policing of the kitchen has begun. More work on the laundry and the kitchen will happen as the afternoon wears on.

This Thursday will be the Rosary and Funeral Mass for a fellow Knight's brother. Weather permitting, I do intend to attend both.

Saturday morning I'm scheduled to serve in a Knights of Columbus Honor Guard at Holy Cross Cemetery for an All Soul's Day Mass. Hope we have decent weather for that, too.

The forecast calls for rain here over the next few days, but if things are as pretty from Thursday into the weekend as they are now, I'll be one happy old boy.

This personal journal will add an element to my online life that I have long wanted.

As my primary website has evolved from a personal blog to a central hub at which can be found links to a number of online social activities I engage in and social networking sites at which I try to maintain an active presence, it has moved away from its original role as my personal blog. WordPress can serve as an excellent CMS or as a great blogging platform, but doing both at the same time and in the same place leads to confusion. At least, it confuses me.

In order to simplify and better organize things, the WP site will continue to function as it is now, and will include a link to posts from this new personal journal. That is the plan as I move into this new chapter of my online life.

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