After cleaning up the poop...

17 March 2020 – 13:00

... left on my front walk by that horrible old man's dog, I decided, “What the heck, as long as I'm out here with rough clothes on,” that it would be good to get some more yard work done.

I had already mowed a patch of the highest grass prior to taking care of the “poopy” chore. So now I hauled out the weedeater, the blower, and a couple of hand trowels...

Yard tools

... and got to work. And I must admit that after that bit of mowing, and cleaning, some trimming, uprooting a few obnoxious weeds, and blowing the sidewalk and driveway clean, things do look (and smell) a bit better out front.

#SeniorLiving #chores #yardwork #SevenTwoProject