Dead Tired...

...on the Day of the Dead. That would be me.

Last night's massive insomnia allowed me only three hours of sleep before the morning's second alarm called me awake at 06:00. Lord, I could have stayed in bed so easily! But no, there was work to do.

Today is All Souls Day. It used to be known as the Day of the Dead in earlier times. Several of us Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus arrived early in the morning at San Antonio's Holy Cross Cemetery to participate in the Mass of the Day offered there. I always enjoy working with other Knights, and today was another great experience. But by the time I returned home fatigue was settling in.

Relaxing now in the big brown recliner, watching College football, after eating a bowl of homemade soup, I will not be a bit surprised if some nap time comes my way. Would be nice if that happens.