Finally some excitement – Day 17/100

12 May 2020 ~ 15:30

According to a weather bulletin that just popped up on my phone, we're under a tornado watch. Heavy thunderstorms are likely until shortly after midnight, and the tornado watch is in effect until 17:00, about two hours from now. I'm not looking forward to any damage that may come, but ... things have been so damned boring lately.

Off and on rain has been the order of the day so far. It was heavy rain that woke me this morning at about 06:00. But the walk was dry when I went out to the mailbox a few minutes ago.

In other news I've rejoined MeWe, a social networking platform I've joined then left a couple of times over the last few years. The reason for my jumping on it again is to stay in touch with a community of folks who have just left Facebook.

And so the adventure continues.

I’m publishing this as day 17 of my 100 Days To Offload. You can join in this blogging challenge yourself by visiting

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