Hunkered down...

16 March 2020 – 21:00

... just like we're supposed to be. She and I are doing our best to abide by the “guidelines” given for personal behavior during this time of the Kung-Fu Flu. We're not panicky at all but, given our ages (71 y/o for me, 62 for her), it's only smart to be careful and take care of ourselves.

Actually, I fear more complications may come from the economic effects of the hysteria than from the disease itself. Our planned move to the Philippines is scheduled to take place in about six months time. Hopefully all the planes will be flying and travel restrictions lifted by then.

We've already found a house over there that will be perfect for us and are planning to have our agents look at it and have papers drawn up. Hopefully I'll be able to put a deposit on the place to hold it for our arrival later this Summer. Hopefully.

#SeniorLiving #plans