I wonder if an Ace Bandage...

25 March – 20:50

... wound properly will give enough support to my left foot to allow me to walk without too much of a limp, and with enough stability to go up and down a small flight of stairs safely.

Earlier today I was trying to mow the back yard when a sudden sharp pain and weakness in my left foot forced me to stop. Heck, I'd only pushed the lawnmower about 10 feet. And I was barely able to make it back into the house.

That foot has been giving me problems for awhile, forcing me to limp noticeably when walking for any distance at all. But this afternoon... whew! I'm glad the current economic slowdown has Sylvia at home now, rather than out working. And I'm glad she doesn't mind getting things for me and saving me steps around the hose.

It appears I've dropped an arch and now have one flat foot. Learning to deal with this will be a challenge. At least it takes my mind off the Chinese flu hysteria.