One Happy Humpday (100 Days To Offload – day 5)

28 April 2020 ~ 15:00

As the afternoon wears down toward evening I'm happy to note that the daily tasks I'd set for myself this morning have been accomplished. Granted, there weren't that many, but still.

Earlier this afternoon I jumped online and deleted an expiring credit card from two shopping/delivery services I use, and added a new card. And I entered moves in all my ongoing correspondence chess games.

And just a few minutes ago Amazon delivered a package I've been expecting. The package contained an old-fashioned safety razor and a supply of double-edged stainless steel blades. This is the kind of razor I learned to shave with as a boy over half a century ago. It will be good to start using it.

Just a few small tasks, yes. But I can mark them as completed on my daily task list and move into the evening with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that this day has not been totally wasted. And the adventure continues.

I am participating in a blogging challenge called #100DaysToOffload. This is my day 5/100. Check out for more info.

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