Saturday evening: Day 15/100

09 May 2020 ~ 18:30

Spending time with an old scifi movie, Creature, that I've seen several times and never particularly enjoyed as I wait for tonight's Svengoolie.

I'd rather be doing something, almost anything, out in the yard, but the horrible old man across the street is out in his front yard and I do NOT want to be out front while he is. I tried the backyard a few minutes ago but the next door neighbor's dog's constant barking was so annoying that I just came back inside.

So here I am, me and Creature.

Sylvia's napping now and when she wakes she'll find the Mother's Day card and gift I have set out for her on her little table. Hope she likes them. I imagine she will.

What was that? Could it be an ice cream bar calling me from the freezer? Yes, I think that's what I hear. I'd better go see what it wants.

And the adventure continues.

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