ScreenShotSunday, because...


... why not?

Long, long ago it used to be something the “cool kids” did, as I remember it. Though way back then when both the Internet and I were much younger it was called desktop sharing, or some variant of that.

Anyway it seems to have come back into vogue, sort of, in one of the Internet communities I've been haunting lately. And since I've committed to my own little photo-sharing project, my posting this screenshot is an easy way to fulfill half of this week's obligation to it.

This screen shot shows three favorite desktop apps running in the Xfce desktop environment of the Linux Mint operating system I most frequently use. Those apps shown are, of course: the Liferea RSS reader, the Whalebird Mastodon and Pleroma desktop client, and the Discord chat app.

#SevenTwoProject #ScreenShotSunday