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The view from my recliner...

Friday Night Football

... late on Friday night as I listen to the Houston Cougars vs. BYU Cougars game playing through the TuneIn Radio App on my tablet.

Earlier this even the app was buffering a lot when I listened to the SMU-Tulane Game, especially during the first half of play, but then it settled down and has been steady and reliable since.

Hard to beat good college football on the radio, you know. Unless you're a young guy out there on the field, of course. But all the rest of us can listen, and remember, and enjoy.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 16 October 2020, ~22:45 CDT, this is my post number 88/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Gameday Snacks

Apple Chunks

While listening to the day's first college football game I'll be snacking on apple chunks.

Go me! And GIG 'EM AGGIES!

The adventure continues.

Published on 10 October 2020, ~11:15 CDT, this is my post number 80/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Back with the ICCF now

old analysis board

Several days ago I reactivated my membership in the International Correspondence Chess Federation and now have a two-game match in progress there. It's been over a decade since I played any games under the auspices the ICCF, what I considered then and still do as the premier place for serious Correspondence Chess (CC). My return to that organization was unplanned but seemed to be a natural step given the increased amount of time spent with my chess over these several months of the pandemic lockdown.

Heck, I've even started keeping an old analysis set at a corner of my work table (see above). So when I'm not online receiving or sending moves I can focus on my games.

This satisfies me greatly!

And so the adventure continues.

Published on 17 September 2020, ~15:00 CDT, this is my post number 68/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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This morning's yard work...


... courtesy of last night's storm.

When I stepped out my front door this morning I was greeted by the sight of a fair-sized branch (maybe six feet long and very bushy) laying in my yard. Storms like the one that came through the area last night often bring down sticks and branches like this from the big tree in my front yard.

An hour or so ago I had at that branch with appropriate yard tools and, after cutting it up, stuffed the resulting little pieces into my big green organics bin which the city will haul away tomorrow.


More storms are in our forecast over the next few days. So I expect to have more yard work similar to this occupying my time until the weather calms down.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 09 September 2020, ~11:30 CDT, this is my post number 66/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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A little Labor Day win

Labor Day win

This win was not mysterious at all. The game didn't end with a checkmate, that would have come many tortuous moves into this game's future. But with my material advantage (my White Bishop and Knight vs. his lone Bishop, and an equal number of pawns) I would have been able to force a mate much sooner than the Black army could.

Black's resignation giving me the win after I captured his Rook at 27. Nxe1 was probably what I'd have done in his place.

Our board at game's end is pictured above, and the full move record is below.

1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 Nc6 3. Nf3 Qe7 4. a3 Nxe5 5. Nbd2 Nf6 6. Nxe5 Qxe5 7. Nc4 Qd5 8. Qxd5 Nxd5 9. g3 Bc5 10. e3 b5 11. Na5 O-O 12. Bg2 c6 13. O-O Ba6 14. Nb3 Bb6 15. e4 Ne7 16. a4 Rfe8 17. axb5 Bxb5 18. Re1 f6 19. Be3 Bxe3 20. Rxe3 a6 21. e5 fxe5 22. Rxe5 Ng6 23. Rxe8+ Rxe8 24. Nd4 Ne5 25. Re1 Nf3+ 26. Nxf3 Rxe1+ 27. Nxe1 1-0

And the adventure continues.

Published on 07 September 2020, ~13:30 CDT, this is my post number 66/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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I'll gladly take the win, but...

A Curious Win

...there was so much chess yet to play here!

My opponent playing Black resigned this server based Correspondence Chess game to me yesterday after my pawn captured his Knight on the f6 square. My goodness, that only put him down by one major piece. And we were just moving from the opening to early middlegame.

1. d4 d5 2. h3 Ng8f6 3. Nb1c3 Nb8c6 4. Ng1f3 h6 5. e3 Bc8f5 6. Bf1d3 Bf5xd3 7. Qd1xd3 e6 8. O-O Bf8d6 9. Rf1e1 O-O 10. a3 a6 11. e4 Rf8e8 12. e5 Bd6f8 13. exf6 1-0

The adventure continues curiously, sometimes.

Published on 04 September 2020, ~17:45 CDT, this is my post number 65/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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A little midday Mac, anyone?


Fleetwood Mac, that is. And yes, it works just fine for me.

As I move from late morning into early afternoon, reviewing my notes from the week just ended and planning the week ahead, Stevie Nicks and the rest of the crew can provide the background music to my work.

The adventure continues at a relaxed, easy pace right now. And that is exactly what I need. I think.

Published on 30 August 2020, ~13:45 CDT, this is my post number 63/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Another Online Meeting Tonight

Knights Webinar

The one thing I miss most during the current pandemic/lockdown situation is time spent with my brother Knights: working on Council projects, attending Fourth Degree events, monthly face to face Council and Assembly meetings, etc.

Though some Council projects at some places are slowly coming back to life, I am still holding myself under a strict self-quarantine since, given my age and health conditions, I fall within that narrow demographic most vulnerable to dying from the pestilence.

I'm VERY glad the younger guys are getting active and participating in events and programs again while following the guidelines of their parishes. And I'm looking forward to the time I'll be able to join with them again. But that time, for me, isn't here yet.

Thankfully, both the Council and the Assembly I belong to have started holding monthly business meetings online. And Supreme now hosts frequent training Webinars for Knights, like the one I'm following now on my tablet and pictured at the top of this post.

And so the adventure continues.

Published on 27 August 2020, ~20:00 CDT, this is my post number 61/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Today is worse than yesterday: allergy-wise.

Call it pigweed

An allergy warning popped up on my phone early this morning telling me that the pigweed and elm pollen levels were high today. Heck, my sinuses already told me that. They woke me early and wouldn't let me go back to sleep until I double-dosed with the allergy meds.

And BTW, “Chenopods” sounds much more innocent and polite than does “pigweed.” The nastiness of that particular pollen is much more suited to the common name than the technical term used to identify that family of weeds. So let's just call it what it is: “pigweed,” okay?

Tomorrow is forecast to be worse than today, allergy-wise. And the days are to be getting progressively worse right into the weekend.

5 day allergy

Oh well, I'm glad I keep the medicine cabinet well stocked.

And so the adventure continues.

Published on 25 August 2020, ~12:45 CDT, this is my post number 60/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Having a Bob Dylan kind of morning.

Bob Dylan Friday

And that is not a bad kind of morning to have. With his latest album providing the soundtrack for my work and a simple text editor open on my desktop I'm finally moving slowly but steadily through this Friday.

The day ahead promises to be a good one. If I'm able to knock off all the items on today's task list, I'll end the day satisfied. But none of those items are particularly urgent; any of them left undone can easily be picked up tomorrow.

After polishing this blog posts's first draft and posting it online I'll move a little further along the Standard Notes learning curve. My first couple of days with it have already convinced me that it will become one of my favorite software tools. The difference between its Android app and the desktop version on my Linux box is interesting. I'll be using both to get the most effective productivity, which is actually fine since I spend a lot of time every day on both my phone and my computer.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 21 August 2020, ~12:00 CDT, this is my post number 59/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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