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Next time the cut will be closer.

11 March 2020 ~ 13:00


The midday temperature in my little corner of the world is moving steadily up through the 70s, the sun is shining brightly, and the yard called out for attention. So I hauled the mower out of the shed and went to work.

The side yard needed the most work so I made some quick passes over it and it does look better now. The rest of the yard can wait for another week or so.

Before putting the machine away I adjusted the wheels to let the blades set much lower. The cut will be close to the ground and the results much more noticeable the next time I mow the lawn.

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ScreenShotSunday, because...


... why not?

Long, long ago it used to be something the “cool kids” did, as I remember it. Though way back then when both the Internet and I were much younger it was called desktop sharing, or some variant of that.

Anyway it seems to have come back into vogue, sort of, in one of the Internet communities I've been haunting lately. And since I've committed to my own little photo-sharing project, my posting this screenshot is an easy way to fulfill half of this week's obligation to it.

This screen shot shows three favorite desktop apps running in the Xfce desktop environment of the Linux Mint operating system I most frequently use. Those apps shown are, of course: the Liferea RSS reader, the Whalebird Mastodon and Pleroma desktop client, and the Discord chat app.

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Saturday morning chore

Barber Shop

This morning found me at my neighborhood barber shop for a sorely needed haircut.

The shop is located almost exactly one mile from my front door, so when I have to walk there and back I get a healthy workout. But when I can catch a ride, like this morning (thank you, Sylvia), it's just a few minutes out of my day.

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... always makes me happy.

The graphic above shows the position of pieces at the end of a Correspondence Chess game I won this morning with a Rook-Bishop combination check mate of the Black King.

This game was played at a server-based chess club where I play all my chess these days.

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Waiting for Svengoolie

Like most Saturday afternoons, this finds me watching XFL Football in my room while waiting patiently for Svengoolie.

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Canticle of Simeon

... my first prayer of the day recorded in my HabitShare app is The Canticle of Simeon, (Luke 2:29-32).

Usually my day's first prayer comes much earlier, but today I slept later than I normally do and got busy with chores and business matters almost as soon as the eyes opened. And it was hours before I could collect myself quietly.

There will be much more as the day wears on; more chores, more business matters, and certainly more prayer. It is, after all, the Lenten Season now.

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Screenshot Habitshare app

Tomorrow is Septuagesima Sunday and that makes this a perfect time to set up my 2020 Lenten Project. To help me hold to my Lenten discipline, I've downloaded the free Habitshare app to my Android phone (see the #screenshot above) and entered Daily Prayer as my first “habit” – a discipline I want to maintain throughout Lent.

Yesterday I caught a YouTube broadcast of Dr. Taylor Marshall with Dan Burke. Dan explained toward the end of that show how he and others used the social aspect of the #Habitshare app to help build and maintain good habits.

The social aspect of Habitshare, giving and receiving support from friends who also use the app, is one of its strong points. The app can be operated in a private mode, in which one uses it to record progress but chooses not to add friends, and not share any data with anybody.

Since I've just now set up my Habitshare, I don't yet have any friends to share it with. Do you have the Habitshare app on your Android or iPhone, and would you be interested in sharing a similar project with me? Let me know, okay?

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My Radios

My early generation Bose Wave Radio is back at my bedside after a six-year absence. And this makes me SO happy:

I've always been a radio listener, preferring that over TV viewing in most instances. And this little unit has been my favorite since first purchased many years ago.

For the last six years I've loaned it to Sylvia to provide background music in her seamstress shop downtown. Now that she's closed that shop, my Bose is back home. And I'm listening to it play the local classical music station as I sit here in my home office typing this post. Sweet!

Oh, that little yellow radio sitting on top of the Bose? That's my Sangean DT-400W, a fine pocket-sized AM-FM portable. Highly recommended.

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Mind Map PH move 01 Feb

Much handier than spreading note cards over a big empty table top (which I don't have anyway) is VYM software. It helps me keep up with the details of a big project.

The big project in this case is my impending move to the Phillipines from South Texas later this year. I check the mind map generated by VYM at least once a day, in the morning when I set my daily chores, and often in the evening during my nightly review.

The Mind Map seen at the top of this post shows the state of the project as of today. The move itself will take place this Summer, most likely in August.

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Yesterday I set up a personal chat channel / server in the Discord universe, another door opened into my online presence. Basically, just because I could.

Chat rooms on the Internet are interesting places and I've visited many over the decades. Usually I lurk until I become too offended by the obnoxious behavior of the trolls or idiots that frequent such places, then I quietly leave.

Some well-moderated rooms, especially those that focus on a particular theme or purpose, contain polite, knowledgeable dialog among members. Those are pleasant places to visit. I've found a few like that over the years, and have even served as room moderator at the request of the room owners occasionally.

Recently I've been waiting for a certain social media platform which shall remain unnamed to restart its chat room feature. That platform has promised restart deadlines over and over again which have not yet been met. Very frustrating, that.

My setting up this Hey Roscoe chat room is probably mostly a reaction to that frustration. I don't really expect anyone (other than me) to ever visit it. But... there it is.

Posting the screenshot above is part of my SevenTwo Project for this week.

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