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Saturday morning chore

Barber Shop

This morning found me at my neighborhood barber shop for a sorely needed haircut.

The shop is located almost exactly one mile from my front door, so when I have to walk there and back I get a healthy workout. But when I can catch a ride, like this morning (thank you, Sylvia), it's just a few minutes out of my day.

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Some days I'm surprised at how little it takes to tire me. Friday was one of those days. 

Mid-mornings usually find me napping after a good breakfast but that didn't happen Friday. And that may be one reason that the day fatigued me so. 09:30 found me waiting on my front porch for a friend to pick me up and take me to his home/office where I was to help him with his new computer. He arrived, we went, and we worked for about two hours before I returned home shortly before Noon. 

The work on his computer was stressful and frustrating for me, though we did complete some of the tasks he wanted done. You see, I've been pretty exclusively using Linux Operating Systems for over twenty years, and his new machine runs Windows 10. Two totally different worlds, those: the Gnu/Linux world, and the Microsoft world. And I was trying to help him through territory that was very foreign to me.  

Returning home I was mentally exhausted. And that exhaustion stayed with me through the rest of the day

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Nasty neighbor across the street (not the horrible old man with the dogs I've mentioned in this column on occasion; this is the other one, the Mexican drug dealer) has decided this is a good night to work on some kind of construction project in his front yard. And he's using a variety of power tools. And I'm trying to get to sleep.

In the past I've used late night talk radio on a bedside AM radio as white noise to help me drift off when outside noises bothered. But talk radio these days is filled with passionate ignoramuses of one stripe or another. And their stupid questions, comments, or arguments serve more to infuriate than relax me.

What I've settled on tonight is a YouTube lecturer speaking before an academic audience. His viewpoint is one I largely agree with. The volume is turned low enough to let me sleep, I hope, when and if sleep comes. And the subject matter should be interesting enough to draw my attention away from the noise across the street.

Will this work? Will this lecture be effective white noise? I suppose I'll find out.

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... always makes me happy.

The graphic above shows the position of pieces at the end of a Correspondence Chess game I won this morning with a Rook-Bishop combination check mate of the Black King.

This game was played at a server-based chess club where I play all my chess these days.

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One of the first things I found this morning as I walked back toward the front door after seeing her off to work was a fresh pile of dog poop in my yard. No, I don't have a dog. That horrible old man across the street has some however, and he lets them out a few times per day to poop. And sometimes that pooping happens in my front yard. 

To deal with that I have invested in a poop scooper and a supply of those little plastic bags that fit in the device. And at least once a week I need to use it. A search of the front yard this morning found a few other piles I needed to scoop up. Damn.

Later in the day I decided to simplify my Internet life by making this blog my primary... thing.

So, an unpleasant chore followed by a good decision. I've had worse days. 

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In about five and a half months, if things go according to plan, she and I will have relocated 8,500 miles away. 

I've  lived in this city for about twenty of my 70+ years, and she's lived here for about 30 of her 60+ years, and we're ready to move on.

Mileage-wise, the distance from here to where we'll be living is pretty good: literally half-way around the world. But time-wise? The next five and a half months for us will pass very quickly. We're busy now setting up the logistics, making arrangements both at this end and at our destination.

We'll be travelling with round-trip tickets giving us 30 days there until our return flights, just in case we decide not to stay. BUT... we're pretty darned sure that we'll extend that visit for several years at least before coming back to America.

Nothing against America, mind you. We both love this country and intend to keep our citizenship here. But we're needed over there. And for a number of reasons that's where we need to be.

Given the immediacy of communications provided by the Internet these days, half-way around the world really isn't that far away. And five and a half months will be here soon.

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Canticle of Simeon

... my first prayer of the day recorded in my HabitShare app is The Canticle of Simeon, (Luke 2:29-32).

Usually my day's first prayer comes much earlier, but today I slept later than I normally do and got busy with chores and business matters almost as soon as the eyes opened. And it was hours before I could collect myself quietly.

There will be much more as the day wears on; more chores, more business matters, and certainly more prayer. It is, after all, the Lenten Season now.

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I find myself embracing as my blogging platform of choice, and using Wordpress, my former blogging software, as a pure Content Management System for my website. It just feels right.