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Now THIS is the win I expected yesterday

06 May 2020 ~ 17:00

Mate in 2

After a flurry of moves earlier today during which I took Black's Rook, Queen, and a pawn protecting his Knight we found ourselves with the board pictured above. And Black resigned with his 49th move. That was sensible on his part, my checkmate of his King was only two moves away.

In other news, all is peaceful and calm here in the Roscoe-verse. An episode of Classic Dr. Who is on the front room TV as I wait for Wheel Of Fortune to broadcast on a local CBS Station. Sylvia and I love to watch that show together.

Most likely she'll want to find a movie to watch after Wheel and I'll retire to the home office to continue monitoring the situation in the Philippines. And another good day will come to its end.

And the adventure continues.

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Not the win I was expecting, but...

05 May 2020 ~ 13:30

Win with Black

... I'll certainly take it. Pictured above is the position of pieces on the board when my opponent playing White resigned our Correspondence Chess (CC) game earlier today, giving me the win with Black. No, checkmate wasn't threatened. But given my material and positional advantage, I'd probably get there eventually.

When I saw the notice from our chess club that one of my opponents had resigned, I expected it to be another game. I've got an even stronger position in one of my others. My opponent there might be waiting for a checkmate. We'll see.

In other happy news I was delighted this morning to see how easily my new little Chromebook recognized my printer and printed from it. It was an exercise in frustration and futility when I tried to print years ago from a much earlier model Chromebook.

And now, the adventure continues.

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A quiet Friday in the Roscoe-verse (100 Days... my day7)

01 May 2020 ~ 16:20

Very little new in the Roscoe-verse to report today, which doesn't disappoint me to say.

The yardman came and did his usual efficient job. He arrived promptly, did his work quickly and as quietly as possible and was happy to leave with fifty dollars. I consider that money well spent.

Does changing the calendar pages in my paper planner from April to May count as a chore? I may need it to make my daily allotment of three chores completed.

The server-based correspondence chess games went well today. I'm only a few moves away from checkmating an opponent in one of them. With my Queen, Knight, Bishop and a Rook all bearing down on his King, it's only a matter of time. Heh.

So... no complaints from this old boy.

And the adventure continues.

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More chess? Why not?

21 March ~ 09:00

This Saturday in the Roscoe-verse starts like most others: old Westerns are playing quietly on the TV in my room while the rest of the house sleeps, the mug on the table in front of me is about to be refilled with coffee, and weekend plans are being made.

When she returned from a shopping trip last night she told me to be careful when walking out in the front yard, she'd just found two piles of dog poop. Sure enough, when I took the trash out this morning that's what I found. And I found a pile of cat poop on the other side of the yard; I saw a neighborhood cat deliver it yesterday evening. Yuck! So I'll be out front with the poop-scooper in a few minutes.

In happier news I've added added one more active CC game to those I currently have in play. As the China-virus isolation project continues it seems I'll have more time to work on my games. And rather than using my chess time as a casual diversion, I'll have time to study the games more seriously. Who knows, I might even be able to boost my active rating.

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