Roscoe's Notebook


One busy Sunday! (100DaysToOffload – day 2)

26 April 2020 ~ 14:30

For the past few weeks I knew that one important chore was waiting to be done today: the activation of new credit cards, one for me and another “riding” on my account for the wife. The account housing these cards has been moved from the original bank to a much more full-serviced Federal Credit Union. The old account was active through yesterday, and the new cards, which were mailed to me a few weeks ago, were to be activated today. Activating those cards and setting up the online access to that new Credit Union account swallowed up most of this Sunday morning. (I really don't deal well with telephones and phone menu systems, but we do what we have to do. Ya' know?)

Through the early afternoon I've checked out recent posts put up by vloggers in the Philippines I follow. One of those posts focused on one guy's experience with his finances, particularly moving money from his American bank to the Philippines, and dealing with Philippines banks. Hearing about his experiences helped me realize that my plans re: how to manage my finances before, during, and after my move are good. Of course, given the current world economic and political situation, my move will have to be rescheduled for some yet to be determined time in the future. But I'm monitoring things as closely as I can, and I intend to adjust my plans accordingly.

The adventure continues.

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Thoughts on another quiet Friday

24 April 2020 ~ 16:45

It does appear most likely that our vacation/move to the Philippines, originally planned for this August, will have to be postponed. While it's not possible to predict the future with certainty, and it is remotely possible that the current pandemic will end in a few months and the world's economy will spring immediately back to life and all travel and visa restrictions will then immediately return to their former states, I really don't think that will happen.

All things considered, it seems more realistic to postpone the vacation/move for at least another six months or a year or longer. Sylvia and I spoke about that last night, and she realizes the necessity of that rescheduling.

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Playing with budget projections

27 March – 20:45

It would be nice if I could tell the future, if I knew when travel restrictions were going to be lifted between here and the Philippines, Will we be allowed to go there later this summer, or will we have to wait until later in the year, or maybe even until next year? Who knows?

Today I considered how best to build enough flexibility into my budget over the next six months or so to enable us to move there by August, if travel restrictions are lifted, or to stay in Texas for several extra months if the Philippines remains closed.

And it would help if I knew what the economy was going to be like over the next few months, too. Knowing how much budget I'm going to have to work with would make planning a lot easier. So I try to develop primary plans, and back up plans, and be imaginative and realistic at the same time.

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Hunkered down...

16 March 2020 – 21:00

... just like we're supposed to be. She and I are doing our best to abide by the “guidelines” given for personal behavior during this time of the Kung-Fu Flu. We're not panicky at all but, given our ages (71 y/o for me, 62 for her), it's only smart to be careful and take care of ourselves.

Actually, I fear more complications may come from the economic effects of the hysteria than from the disease itself. Our planned move to the Philippines is scheduled to take place in about six months time. Hopefully all the planes will be flying and travel restrictions lifted by then.

We've already found a house over there that will be perfect for us and are planning to have our agents look at it and have papers drawn up. Hopefully I'll be able to put a deposit on the place to hold it for our arrival later this Summer. Hopefully.

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