Roscoe's Notebook


Sylvia on her couch

13 April 2020 ~ 15:50

Earlier today I chatted over FB Messenger with one of Sylvia's older brothers in the Philippines. This is the first time he and I have “spoken.” Nice guy.

Of her four brothers, I've now spoken with two, and have gotten on very well with both. I met her youngest brother face to face years ago when his boat docked near Houston, and we've chatted over the Internet several times since. And now I've chatted with her oldest brother: he's almost exactly my age.

He told me he was watching TV with his daughter and asked how we were doing. I told him we were watching TV, too: me in my recliner and Sylvia from her big red couch. He was happy to see the photo I sent him of her there, mask in place and cuddled under her brown blanket.

Sylvia on the couch

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