Roscoe's Notebook


Tonight's Zoom meeting went well.

It would have been nice if more members had attended, but there were enough to conduct a successful business meeting. And I'm reasonably confident that more will be with us next month.

Adjusting to a time when when face to face meetings have to be replaced by tele-conferencing will be challenging. There are so many folks unable to adapt, and that's rather sad because life and business must go on... with or without them.

It will be interesting to see how things develop.

And so the adventure continues.

Published on 13 July 2020, ~21:30 CDT, this is my post number 45/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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“Eww! That is NOT the prettiest thing I've seen this morning!”

30 March 2020 – 17:45

That's what I told the nurse on the other end of the line. She giggled and replied, “Well, I think you have it set up properly.”

I am scheduled for an appointment with my primary care physician in a few days. It's just a routine appointment and I'm not even to see the Doctor himself, but his Nurse Practitioner.

His office called me this morning and told me they were starting to use tele-health services and asked if I would be willing to meet with the Nurse Practitioner over the phone. Heck, yes! I'm totally fine with staying home instead of being driven downtown to the office, then waiting, then being driven back home.

The girl from his office then asked what kind of phone I had: an iPhone or an Android. And she asked if I'd be willing to download the duo app, as that's what the Doctor likes to use. So...

Me, on duo

I'll be waiting by my phone for the office to call me at the time of my appointment. And we'll see how it goes.

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