Time management is becoming very important again.

Many years (decades) ago I was a very busy man. Working a job which kept me on the clock for often ten hours or more per day, I was also active in a local bicycling club, participating in club rides many weekends and training on the bike by bike-commuting the 5-mile trip to work most days. My common joke during that time was that I actually had three jobs: the day job, the time on the bike, and doing laundry at a local laundry-mat to keep all my work uniforms and bike gear clean.

Those days are long behind me but once again I'm finding time management to be so important. Juggling the chores of the busy “retirement” lifestyle I've built for myself (responsibilities at Church, as an officer in both the Knights of Columbus Council and the Knights of Columbus Assembly to which I belong, keeping up with my ongoing correspondence chess games, keeping up a regimen of physical workouts, and those frequent doctors appointments that a 71 year old man finds necessary, helping my wife monitor the health conditions she has to deal with, etc.) I'm also dealing with the logistics of our big vacation / move next summer. We'll be at least a month in the Philippines, and while there we may just decide to stay permanently. Preparing for that move from South Central Texas is proving to be quite a chore.

There being only so many hours in a day when I can be reliably productive, it's important to use those hours wisely. Time management. Yes siree!