Trying to hit a steady stride...

... seems to be tricky right now.

I'm very much a creature of habit. As long as events follow a regular schedule, moving through them is easy. But lately, for the past few months actually, my schedule has had to adjust to many changes. And it looks like that will continue through mid-January. One-time events like holiday parties, special ceremonies with the Knights of Columbus, doctor's appointments which have been cancelled then rescheduled, unscheduled business meetings which have happened and are bound to continue happening with little advance warning, etc. Ah, life...

If I could sleep better at night, keeping my act together would probably be easier. With the goal helping my sleep I've cut back on the strength and amount of coffee I drink. Instead of the usual two scoops I'm now putting only one scoop of ground coffee into the machine, and I'm brewing half a pot rather than the full pot every morning as has been my custom forever. I'm only two days into this regimen and I'm hoping to see some improvement in my nightly sleeps soon.

A new habit I've picked up should help with those always rocky sleeps, and with my general health. To help S with her mandated weight loss, her doctor has told her to drop at least 15 pounds by exercising to save her liver, So I bought us a stepper exercise machine and set it up in the front room. To the best of my knowledge she's not using it at all, but I spend time on it almost every day. And I've started losing weight. Ha!

So I'm cutting way back on the coffee, working out regularly, and even eating much more moderately these days. Hopefully these lifestyle changes will help me move through the next several busy weeks calmly and with a steady stride. We'll see.

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