Was this our last Sushi dinner?


Oh, let's hope not. But, if we're lucky, it may have been our last Sushi dinner in Texas. Let me explain.

She and I have been together since 2013. Our first date was sharing a Sushi dinner served at a local Sushi Sushi restaurant on the Saturday following Memorial Day. And it has been our custom to have a Sushi dinner every year on the Anniversary of that date.

As fate has it, we're going to be extremely busy all day dealing with another social situation this Saturday, so we decided to do the Anniversary dinner a few days early. Pictured above from our dinner yesterday is our sampler plate, already mostly eaten, and the Chirashi Bowls we always order as our main dish.

As I've mentioned before, she and I had plans to move to the Philippines this summer before the Wuhan Flu Pandemic world-wide (nearly) lockdown came along and shut down international travel. So we're stuck here in South Texas (not a bad place in which to be stuck, actually) until the world opens up again. Our best guess is that practical travel to the Philippines MAY resume sometime in 2021. If it does, we'll head over there as quickly as we can.

She assures me that excellent Sushi joints can be found in the Philippines so maybe, just maybe, our next year's Sushi dinner will be served... over there.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 29 May 2020, this is my number 25/100/365 post of the https://100daystooffload.com blogging challenge.

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