When is a Chromebook more than a Chromebook?

07 May 2020 ~ 18:00

Emacs in Chromebook

And the answer is: when its inner Linux is awakened and allowed to run some more serious software.

Earlier today I activated the Linux sleeping in my new little Chromebook, did the apt-get update upgrade thing to get the underlying software in order and then installed GIMP and Emacs. The above screenshot shows the terminal open when I did a version check on the newly installed Emacs.

GIMP I wanted because it's the only image manipulation software I've used for ... oh man, forever. And I have no desire to try and work with whatever comes standard as a Chrome app.

Emacs is on my bigger Linux laptop, of course, and if the little Chromebook is to become my travelling/vacation machine, I'll feel much more at home if it has my favorite text editor onboard.

It's possible that I may add more Linux software to this little machine in time. But that's enough for now, I think.

And the adventure continues.

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