A Satisfying Saturday... listed and logged.

Thoughts on waking: So this is one of those mornings when I wake at the usual time even without the alarm. It was a good sleep: 7 hours barely interrupted. The day ahead looks to be filled with chess work, college football watching, maybe a haircut if I can motivate myself, and capped off by tonight's Svengoolie. Saturday morning health metrics and financials were all good.

Thoughts at day's end: As expected this morning, I did catch several college football games on the radio. Local AM stations brought me the entire exciting A&M game, and most of the 4th Quarter and all four overtime periods of the Longhorns game. And the TuneIn radio app on my tablet brought me part of the Red Raiders game. I never did find the motivation to cut my hair, maybe tomorrow for that. And I was able to shut my eyes and enjoy an afternoon nap. All things considered, this was a satisfying Saturday.

Prayers, etc.: 06:50 – Day 7 of the KofC Novena for the Cause of Life, meditations and prayer 07:30 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel 12:45 – Lk 11:27-28 21:00 – 5 Decades of the Rosary, the Glorious Mysteries

Diet: 08:30 – chicken salad sandwich 09:00 – 2 muffins 11:15 – an apple 13:30 – catfish, chicken livers, gizzards, and drumsticks (lots of meat!) 14:30 – ice cream bar 19:50 – mashed potatoes and corn

Chores, etc.: 08:30 – monitor favorite news sources 10:00 – college football pregame show on TV, then turning away from that decided to follow today's pregames and games on the radio, avoiding the disgusting political ads on Network TV 14:24 – WOW! What a game! Texas Aggies beat the #4 ranked Florida Gators! 41-38 19:00 – time for Svengoolie

Chess: 16:25 – moved in many CC games

And the adventure continues.

Published on 10 October 2020, ~21:45 CDT, this is my post number 81/100/365 of the https://100daystooffload.com blogging challenge.

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