A Win With Black

Black wins

Earlier today my opponent playing White resigned this club tournament game after my 31...f3, giving me the win with Black. He was right to do this. At this point in our endgame he only had one major piece left on the board, the Bishop he'd just pushed to the c1 square, while I had a Rook, a Knight, and I was only two moves away from promoting a pawn to a Queen.

The position of pieces at game's end is shown above, and our full move record is below.

1. e4 a6 2. Qh5 g6 3. Qf3 e5 4. Bc4 Qe7 5. Nc3 Nf6 6. Nd5 Nxd5 7. Bxd5 d6 8. d3 c6 9. Bb3 h5 10. h3 Be6 11. Bxe6 Qxe6 12. g4 Nd7 13. c4 O-O-O 14. Ne2 hxg4 15. hxg4 Qf6 16. Qxf6 Nxf6 17. f3 Rxh1+ 18. Kd2 d5 19. b3 Bb4+ 20. Kc2 dxe4 21. fxe4 Nxg4 22. a3 Bc5 23. b4 Bd4 24. Nxd4 exd4 25. Kb2 Rh2+ 26. Kb3 Rh1 27. Bb2 Rxa1 28. Bxa1 f5 29. exf5 gxf5 30. Bb2 f4 31. Bc1 f3 0-1

And the adventure continues.

Posted 24/Feb/2021 ~ 17:00 Central Time #RoscoeEllis #blog #SeniorLiving #chess