And the take-away lesson from that dream...

...must be that I need to invest in new luggage.

Last night's dream was very vivid and realistic. Sometimes the Melatonin brings dreams like that, and lately I've been eating the Melatonin like candy before putting head to pillow in order to safely fall asleep. It works.

The dream found me packing up my gear in a non-descript hotel room. I was getting ready to leave. The gear I was packing was just vacation clothing that I was tying into bundles and some miscellaneous “stuff” that I'd loaded into a cardboard box. I put the cardboard box onto a two-wheeled cart and piled the two or three bundles of clothes on top of the box, and wheeled my gear out of the room, down a hallway, then down an elevator to the hotel lobby.

In the lobby I stopped at the checkout desk to take care of that chore then wheeled my stuff over to a guarded metal detector set by the exit door. Apparently it was necessary to scan my box and bundles and myself before leaving the hotel.

An old bus about 75% full of other passengers was waiting for me at the curb. Hauling my bundles and box with me, I climbed into the bus and found myself a double seat. After piling my stuff into the window seat, I sat in the aisle seat and thought to myself, “Man! This would be SO much easier if I just a good suitcase!” And then I woke up.

Now, before the world went into its current CCP-flu lockdown earlier this year, I HAD been planning to take a major trip this summer. But, given the state of that lockdown, those plans have been put on hold for another year at least, maybe two or three more years. We'll just have to wait and see how long it takes for international flights to safely and practically return. And given my advanced age, I'm holding myself under a very strict self-quarantine until either an effective vaccine against the CCP-flu is developed, or until I'm proven immune to it, or until that scourge is somehow removed from the land.

So there are no trips of any kind planned for this old boy. Not now. But hopefully... in the future? And was my dream telling me that I should start checking my luggage? Hmm...

The adventure continues.

Published on 26 June 2020, this is my post number 37/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

#100DaysToOffload #dreams