Friday fatigue.

Some days I'm surprised at how little it takes to tire me. Friday was one of those days. 

Mid-mornings usually find me napping after a good breakfast but that didn't happen Friday. And that may be one reason that the day fatigued me so. 09:30 found me waiting on my front porch for a friend to pick me up and take me to his home/office where I was to help him with his new computer. He arrived, we went, and we worked for about two hours before I returned home shortly before Noon. 

The work on his computer was stressful and frustrating for me, though we did complete some of the tasks he wanted done. You see, I've been pretty exclusively using Linux Operating Systems for over twenty years, and his new machine runs Windows 10. Two totally different worlds, those: the Gnu/Linux world, and the Microsoft world. And I was trying to help him through territory that was very foreign to me.  

Returning home I was mentally exhausted. And that exhaustion stayed with me through the rest of the day

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