From across the room...


Relaxing on a midday Saturday, watching Big 10 Basketball on TV from the comfort of a big brown recliner in our front room. Even though Michigan is manhandling the Hoosiers today, I always like watching IU basketball, especially when they're playing home games. Assembly Hall holds many happy memories from years lived in Bloomington.

As an aside, now that my eyesight is getting shakier I'm realizing that a larger screen would make TV watching easier. And there is room for a much larger screen TV in that wall unit across the room from where we often sit. Maybe I can work that into the budget later this year. We'll see...

And the adventure continues.

Posted 27/Feb/2021 ~ 12:30 Central Time #RoscoeEllis #blog #SeniorLiving #TV #basketball #Bloomington

by Roscoe #DN2022