If there was ever a time to watch Dr. Who...

...this would be that time. Luckily for me, Pluto TV offers Classic Dr. Who episodes 24/7 and for free.

Several days ago I noted in conversation elsewhere on the Internet that time had been blurring for me lately. You know, days running together, that sort of thing.

This morning, after someone mentioned to me that the weeks seemed to have been going quickly for her, my honest response was:

Yes, they do! The days seem to drag, the weeks go quickly, and the months fade away into a fog of sameness. The passage of time has become quite weird this year.

And all day long I've had the strangest sense of being somewhat out of phase with, well... everything going on around me. Rather disquieting, that.

So it's time to switch on Dr. Who. Maybe things will start to sort out after I spend a little time with the Time Lord.

The adventure continues.

Published on 18 June 2020, this is my post number 33/100/365 of the https://100daystooffload.com blogging challenge.

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