It's really not that far away

In about five and a half months, if things go according to plan, she and I will have relocated 8,500 miles away. 

I've  lived in this city for about twenty of my 70+ years, and she's lived here for about 30 of her 60+ years, and we're ready to move on.

Mileage-wise, the distance from here to where we'll be living is pretty good: literally half-way around the world. But time-wise? The next five and a half months for us will pass very quickly. We're busy now setting up the logistics, making arrangements both at this end and at our destination.

We'll be travelling with round-trip tickets giving us 30 days there until our return flights, just in case we decide not to stay. BUT... we're pretty darned sure that we'll extend that visit for several years at least before coming back to America.

Nothing against America, mind you. We both love this country and intend to keep our citizenship here. But we're needed over there. And for a number of reasons that's where we need to be.

Given the immediacy of communications provided by the Internet these days, half-way around the world really isn't that far away. And five and a half months will be here soon.

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