Poop scooping, etc.

One of the first things I found this morning as I walked back toward the front door after seeing her off to work was a fresh pile of dog poop in my yard. No, I don't have a dog. That horrible old man across the street has some however, and he lets them out a few times per day to poop. And sometimes that pooping happens in my front yard. 

To deal with that I have invested in a poop scooper and a supply of those little plastic bags that fit in the device. And at least once a week I need to use it. A search of the front yard this morning found a few other piles I needed to scoop up. Damn.

Later in the day I decided to simplify my Internet life by making this write.as blog my primary... thing.

So, an unpleasant chore followed by a good decision. I've had worse days. 

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