Summer of '66?


Or maybe it was the summer of 1965, I don't remember. But that skinny boy in the picture above was me standing in front of the family house over a half-century ago when I was a Junior or Senior in High School.

My sister has taken upon herself a project of digitizing some old photographs and slides that our parents had collected when they were alive. And she's emailing the image files to me and our remaining siblings. How nice of her! She tells me there are approximately 400 pictures all together.

Earlier this year I “sort of” committed myself to a #SevenTwo photo sharing project. With my January birthday placing me well within the ranks of septuagenarians, I decided to post two photos every every week for the remainder of the year. But that was before the CCP-flu pandemic put the world on lockdown and me under strict self-quarantine. Not being able to leave the house with my camera I quickly ran out of current images to post and that project fell by the wayside.

Maybe with these old pictures my sister is sending I'll be able to do a #ThrowbackThursday for awhile, satisfying one picture to post per week of the #SevenTwoProject. And if I stretch my imagination a bit, maybe I'll be able to scrounge up something else for the other picture. Hmm...

The adventure continues.

Published on 25 June 2020, this is my post number 36/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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