This can't be good, right?


I've not paid much attention to this huge old pecan tree in my front yard since I did a mid or late January cutting of the grass. But this morning my eyes were drawn to a basketball-sized hole in one of the main branches near the trunk.

This camera phone photo snapped a few minuts ago doesn't do justice to the jet black, rot-looking interior of the hole that reaches down into the main trunk.

So I've called the landlord and described the situation to him. He says he'll either send one of his contactors or come by himself to inspect it.

Hopefully the hole can be cleaned out and filled with some kind of putty to save the tree. I'd hate to see the thing have to be cut down. But I'd rather see it cut down than have it fall down against the houe, or crush my neighbor's car.

And the adventure continues.

Posted 22/Feb/2021 ~ 10:35 Central Time #RoscoeEllis #blog #SeniorLiving #tree