This morning's yard work

Dead Branches

Pruning the big bushes in the back yard is proving to be quite a project, The pile of dead branches pictured above is the result of what I accomplished this morning. Sorry about not having a readily identifiable object in the photo so you'd have an idea of the size, but I estimate the pile as roughly five feet high on average, five feet deep, and maybe fifteen or twenty feet long.

Wore me out doing that, let me tell you. Tomorrow's chore will be cutting the branches into smaller sizes and loading as much as possible into the green organics bin for the city to haul away on Thursday.

Then I'll begin pruning away the rest of the dead branches so the new growth can come up better. The picture below shows some of what I'm talking about. The green you can see is the new growth and it's really coming up fast now. With the rain we're predicted to have tonight and again tomorrow night, then the hot, sunny weekend, I'll have to hurry and get the dead wood cut and out of the way while I can still get to it.

More Branches

And the adventure continues.

Posted 27/Apr/2021 ~ 15:45 Central Time #blog #chores #YardWork