Tracking the Day's Chess Moves


I have active correspondence chess games in four different clubs. In one of those clubs I'm playing in three different tournaments and some players are playing in more than one tournament with me.

In order to keep myself organized during a session with these games, I record each opponent as I work on the game against him, then place a check mark when I've moved in his game and am ready to move on to another. You'll notice in today's list pictured above, two players get two check marks. These are guys who are playing in different tourneys with me, and the two marks mean I've moved in the two games against each.

And when a game ends I note that, too. Of all the games worked on today, I lost one, resigning to my opponent. Oh well, can't win them all, you know. I'm pretty confident that tomorrow's session will see me winning a game.

And the adventure continues.

Posted 10/Feb/2021 ~ 14:20 Central Time #RoscoeEllis #blog #SeniorLiving #chess