Will this be effective white noise?

Nasty neighbor across the street (not the horrible old man with the dogs I've mentioned in this column on occasion; this is the other one, the Mexican drug dealer) has decided this is a good night to work on some kind of construction project in his front yard. And he's using a variety of power tools. And I'm trying to get to sleep.

In the past I've used late night talk radio on a bedside AM radio as white noise to help me drift off when outside noises bothered. But talk radio these days is filled with passionate ignoramuses of one stripe or another. And their stupid questions, comments, or arguments serve more to infuriate than relax me.

What I've settled on tonight is a YouTube lecturer speaking before an academic audience. His viewpoint is one I largely agree with. The volume is turned low enough to let me sleep, I hope, when and if sleep comes. And the subject matter should be interesting enough to draw my attention away from the noise across the street.

Will this work? Will this lecture be effective white noise? I suppose I'll find out.

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