If it wasn't obvious – I'm out


I won't be using this site any more. Still waiting for Matt (the owner of this site) to get around to issuing me a refund seeing as this structure change is entirely against my personal reasons for paying and wanting to support this service in the meantime. After the recent change and giving the middle finger to anyone who registers after 1st August (we didn't even get 1 month of notice you jackass) who could rightfully support the owner of write.as?

Also I've been removed from read.write.as which is sad because I thought this was a site for free speech but apparently only cringeworthy diary entries, bot posts, singular images and copypasting content from other sites is allowed on read.write.as. Because you're certainly not allowed to post any quality content there.

So. Seeing as this space for writing has utterly nose-dived in usefulness from these two changes (sub and removal from public) I'll be discarding my membership like the literal trash it's now become.

For those who find this page even after it's been removed from public. I recommend the following blog and writing services tremendously:

Calmlywriter – A beautiful writing experience that allows you to sync and auto-save writing into Google Drive. Everything is consistently backed up and it's free and it already has more features than this garbage site does. The only difference is that you don't have an online space to store posts, but they are instead saved to sharable (from Google Drive) documents in either .docx, .txt/.md or .htm

Svbtle – Most certainly where I will be moving my blog to now. This site is built to try and encourage consistent writing. You get SSL, domain mapping and dozens of other features. It's the same price as what write.as will be (minimum) after 1st August 2019, which is $6/month. Svbtle also says that they guarantee that anything you post on their service will remain on the internet forever, even if you stop paying for the service.

Ghost – The platform that absolutely annihilated Wordpress. It's fast, absolutely choc-full of features and it's easy to start to use. You can do practically anything with Ghost, anything. There are also dozens of add-ons for additional functionality and some absolutely incredible themes but I like the default one the most. You can either build and host your Ghost blog yourself for absolutely no cost, or pay a small fee to have a hosting provider host it.


Any and all of these services I would recommend over this website.

Good riddance Write.ass!