RE: Write.ass (no that's not a typo) just committed suicide

I just wanted to make a quick (wew) post about how stupid the restructuring greed move from the owner (Matt) of is, and why forcing users to pay $6/month minimum to do basically anything on this platform, and only throwing in 2 extra blogs (in addition to the one they get now for $6 bucks at current) – shows a total obliviousness to current blogging culture.

Here's my reply to this stupid change by the lead developer and owner of

The Casual plan, by many measures, has been a success — just not as much as we would've liked to see.

Not that your problem is appeal at all, make it even more appealing then. A lack of appeal for the $1/month option isn't your problem.

Your problem is that I had to search fucking high and low to even find the service.

Other services like Svbtle, Medium, Ghost, Wordpress etc. are mentioned everywhere. You can't write the word “blog” without one of these services popping up. You need to spend some of that money you're making on subscriptions on advertising and promotion. Go do some interviews, show your face a bit on Youtube, push your service. Maybe take some initiative on your utterly useless mobile apps and also consider optimising your tags and SEO.




While we could spend many more months tweaking things

What you mean like actually developing a service worth paying for and taking feedback into consideration (aka asking your users who actually pay via some kind of poll before you make a stupid decision like this)? You know like what people do when they actually want a business venture to work.

I (Matt, btw) see a return to smaller communities as the future of the web. This thought has been bubbling underneath the surface for me since I joined a community called

Matt, no offense buddy but this is irrelevant bullshit and no one cares what you think is the future of the net. The future of the net is mass surveillance and decentralised networking (and that's not up for discussion). Not a fucking ASCII community. Okay? Save the fangirling for posting on your own anonymous blog mate. You show nothing but a complete lack of awareness for blogging culture. Allow me to explain.

Most people are lazy fucks and they can't even be counted on to write once a week in a blog. That actually takes a little thing called 'effort' which in the world of Netflix and Youtube autoplay, it's actual “work” to some people.

What you should be focusing on is making your service appealing and efficient enough that people are encouraged to write a LOT and often. Look at Svbtle for example. It's designed to get people to write consistently. To start a lot of stories and articles and finish them when the time is right. I can't even save a fucking draft on your site Matt!

Edit: Reading my posts I see? why did it take 4 years to make that post? You could at least make it more obvious that it's basically a draft.

Unless I write an anonymous post and then every so often work on it before making it public, besides you have to pay for public posting and it's not even immediately certain/obvious that if you work on an anonymous post to eventually make it public, will it still be pushed to when it's made public? There's a total lack of clear workflow here mate. I've been on write.ass for just over a month and already outgrown your service.

I'll say again. Make something that encourages people to write. An anonymous throwaway blog is fine, but offering people 3 blogs for the minimum price of $6 is absolutely fucking stupid. People can't even be counted on to write consistently in ONE blog. No one needs THREE blogs.

Even the Fediverse isn't really catching on like it could be. So we won't see mass decentralised social networking and blogging platforms for a long time. Focus on creating a good service, make it modular if you have to, with additional perks for small cost purchases. Like I said, no one needs 3 fucking blogs, but I'm sure plenty of people would be okay paying a few extra bucks a month to use snap.ass. Why not be the first modular 'build-your-plan' blogging service? Heck maybe I should just make one instead and take all your users. I should add that to my to-do list.

Going forward, will become more of a purely paid WriteFreely instance (more on this below).

Congratulations on killing your entire service dumbass. * facepalm *

We'll accomplish this with new services, from the business-oriented for Teams

No one needs this. Teams don't need a barebones blogging platform with no rich text and no drafts... Ghost beats you here. Medium (which sucks for writers) even beats you... Why is it that everyone thinks it's a good idea to jump on the “Oh we need to scale what was developed as a personal service/platform and scale it for teams of people”. Mr. “I foresee small communities being teh future of the webz” wants to scale up to enterprise level? WHICH IS IT MATT?

New free users will also see some changes. Unregistered, anonymous users will be able to continue posting as much as they want — the same goes for existing free, registered users. But users who create an account on August 1 or later will see new limits, likely in the form of a maximum number of posts they're afforded. With those limits, we might also bring some Pro features into the free tier, to make it more of a true “trial.”

So fuck everyone unlucky enough to make an account after August 1st?

Didn't you literally just say right at the top that you wouldn't be spending more time messing around adding more limitations and asking people to fucking pay for write.ass? So which is it Matt? Are you going to cripple your platform because you've decided that $6/month is the magic number you want from each of your users. Or are you going to do the write thing and dismantle a great service that people actually use, and rebuild as a BYO (build-your-own) and offer services that people need at a competitive price and not bundle together shit that they don't want?

I'll do some more work for you:


I'd personally stop here because I don't need snap.ass or anything else

Matt, Matt, Matt! We're already at $9 a month homie! That's a whole $3 more than your Pro service, and it's way more appealing than your ridiculously overpriced Support service which let's face it, no one has bought. Sign me the FUCK up for the first three dude!

Throw in deep visitor statistics for like $3 a month and stop charging for the Linux app. It's shit. Charging for software that runs on a fucking FREE operating system is like charging people for salt on french fries.

BUT I'M NOT DONE YET! additional blogs (for those who really need them) $3/month with all of the add-ons included. WSDFHDJKSTHKKFF!!! Dude imagine the #VALUE! Imagine how much beard oil you can buy with all the money you'll be getting?

On a final note, we'll be looking to put together a group of trusted WriteFreely instances we can refer users to.

Why should anyone trust what you say is trusted? I make my own decisions on what to trust, as to anyone else who is really about their privacy.

(P.S., if you like what we're doing and want to help us move forward, we're hiring!)

What if I liked (past-tense) what you were doing? Is this a good time to tell you that I've actually worked a couple years in consulting and the last company I roasted offered me a job? Consider this some free professional advice. It's beautiful irony when you can write a blog roasting the owner of the service you're using.

*P.S. If .ass ever becomes a legitimate tld, baby you know that matt.ass has got my name on it and I'm gonna have it set to permanently redirect to your blog.*