RE: Your beard (facial hair) makes you look lazy aka. #yourbeardsucks

About two weeks ago I made this amazing post which I am very proud of: Your beard (facial hair) makes you look lazy

Interestingly enough whilst going through which, mind you I recommend you do with a grain of salt as some people here write some pretty bonkers stuff.

I came across this blog #soberthoughts

Here's a screenshot of his comment in case he deletes it:


Firstly, manes are for male lions in the animal kingdom, where a mane is a sign of health and strength. There is nothing 'strong' or 'healthy' about growing a beard. ~Firstly~ I want to say thanks (I guess) for reading and for being kind enough to link the post so others who read your blog may find mine.

However, and more to the point I'm utterly perplexed at your accusation of calling my writing:

provocative fallacies

I'd appreciate it if you could explain to me what fallacies exactly I committed? As I'm quite convinced you don't understand what a fallacy is. Despite saying in a post of yours recently that you have nothing to say, you do seem to make quite a lot of large rambling posts, so in contrast to your other posts which I have not read until today. I was somewhat surprised to find you having so little to say about my post. I do tip my fedora in your direction though for remaining cool when confronted with a conflicting opinion.

As it says on my blog I'm open to all feedback from anyone and there's an email to contact me at located on pretty much all my posts.

So Mr. Sober Thoughts. May we discuss your accusation, or at the very least that neckbeard of yours?