Write.as is abandonware (I'm leaving write.as)

EDIT: BREAKING NEWS! write.as CASUAL $1/month PLANS TO BE DISCONTINUED! I CALLED IT!!! Mind you some of what I said below may not matter (aka, everything I said about this site being affordable now that they will remove casual plans and the minimum site cost will be $6/month). This means that Svbtle is the absolute clear winner here as for the same price it offers WAY more than write.as does. Now on to the post I wrote as a draft before the site owner mentioned today they will remove the casual subscription option in August 2019.

I'll list alternative blog hosting sites below

This was brought to my attention by another user of this platform on Sunday night. This website is abandonware. To the uninitiated, it means it is no longer maintained or developed. Website updates ceased back in Oct last year. Even worse there has been no development on the mobile apps in over FOUR (4) years! You can't even use it to post to your own blog, only anonymously which is useless for those of us who paid.

Honestly I find this unacceptable. Like many I paid a subscription fee for my account. Money I paid to support development and features I expected, money I won't get back.

Anyone checking read.write.as should be able to see plainly that there's only roughly 12 new public posts a day. This is a mere fraction of what other platforms get (some of which I will list below). Sure I'm not expecting this site to be as busy as Facebook, but the speed of development is non-existent.

Even more surprising is the fact that the owner does drop in from time to time (roughly once a month) on the forums and answer questions and discuss future features. Though they never come. This is not what I consider development, or working on features and is thus not worthy of my money.

Why have 4 years gone by of the owner of this service taking subscriptions but the mobile apps haven't seen a shred of development? They haven't outsourced or even remotely touched, or made them open source so at least someone else could pick up the torch to develop them. Mostly I just see the site's owner writing very short posts to help people who can't figure out the site's basic functions.

I also haven't got a reply from hello@write.as when I emailed them over 1 month ago. The contact page says that it might take a few days but they will pretty much guarantee a reply. Where is my reply then?

So that makes:

What the actual fuck is the webmaster's priorities?! Helping boomers on the forums it seems.

The only question left to answer is what will I do now that I've realised this service is basically abandoned?

Well, I'll be moving my posts to another platform. I'm not sure where to exactly. Despite this service being abandoned, a clean, anonymous blogging platform with plans starting at only $1 a month is kinda rare to come by. Even though cheap options exist that doesn't mean I don't feel ripped off for buying into something that's clearly not remotely a priority for the owner.

Alternatives are:

Having said all this. This will almost certainly be my last post on this site. I've paid for the domain so I'll probably leave it mapped here and I've also paid for this blog so I'll keep it up until it runs out of subscription which is in about a year... I won't be posting here any more. Maybe I'll make one final one to link my new address or something. Who knows.

Anyway, farewell and thanks for over 5000 views in just shy of 2 months. Reddit sure pulls in the traffic.