000 – Intro

I'm a professional tech. I work in higher education. My customers are students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Students are unaware of just how much information they are giving their college or university, but they know the right websites to use to ace their quizzes without having to study for them.

Faculty are unwilling to spend time making their assignments and exams cheat-proof. They just want to publish another paper in an academic journal to maintain their tenure.

Staff only do the minimum amount needed at their job, then go have a pint at the microbrewery after work with friends. They don't want to learn how to protect all the information they have access to online.

Administrators have no idea just how easy it is for students to cheat on their online courses. They only receive polished, talking-point summaries from their inept middle-management personnel about how great things are going.

They are all unaware of the brick wall that they're running full speed into.

My customers are overworked, overwhelmed, and don't care about protecting their online accounts. No one pays attention to a computer tech until they get hacked. Then they send an email with “Urgent” or “ASAP” in the subject line and expect the tech to wave a magic wand and fix everything.

You probably don't care about preventing the bad guys from hacking your email. You probably don't want to dedicate time to protecting your online life. Welcome to the Boiling Frog Society. Follow the waitress, your table is ready.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself online, stay tuned. I'm just pissed off enough to share all my secrets.