Bank of America CEO Pissed that Ripple Hasn't Announced Partnership Yet

Dropping a fist firmly on his desk and gritting his teeth during an interview with XRP_Productions Wednesday, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan complained profusely about the as-of-yet-unannounced partnership between the mega-bank and blockchain payments company Ripple.

“Jeez, c'mon already,” said Moynihan, pulling on his hair and kicking a nearby wastebasket. “What the hell's taking so long?!”

The executive's frustrations are shared by many in the online community of XRP holders, the digital asset that Ripple is positioning as the standard in instant worldwide liquidity for the settlement of cross-border payments. Rumors have abounded for weeks concerning the potential release of a significant partnership between the two entities, inflamed by the already well known leak of a settlement system patent which utilizes Ripple technology.

Teary-eyed Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan telling XRP_Productions reporters that he's “this close to telling Brad [Garlinghouse]” that he's “not my friend anymore” if Ripple doesn't announce their partnership soon.

Informed by his staff that there was still a “non-disclosure agreement” in place with Ripple about the deal, Moynihan turned red and began biting his tie.

“Who the hell signed that?!” he said. “What the flying flip is with you people! I wanna start using my Ripplenet and XRP, damnit!!”

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