Bill Gates Signs HUGE Deal with VeChain to Track “Global Mandatory Mystery Vaccine”

In a stunningly huge development for the young tech company, VeChain inked a deal with Bill Gates Tuesday to use their powerful blockchain technology to track the new “mandatory mystery vaccine” that the billionaire plans to roll out globally in early 2021.

“We are very excited,” said VeChain CEO Sunny Lu to XRP_Productions reporters. “Though Mr. Gates has refused to inform us of the details of the vaccine, we have told him that VeChain is the perfect decentralized solution to track its worldwide implementation.”

Global mandatory 'mystery vaccine' with corresponding VeChain QR code that billionaire Bill Gates will introduce in 2021. “The medicine looks like it has a tiny computer chip floating in it, but it doesn't, of course,” said Gates.

Mr. Gates turned down XRP the Standard Productions' request for interview, but did issue a statement that “this is a big step toward global control. I mean health. Global health.”

“Everyone knows that VeChain provides the best way to track and verify goods,” said Gates. “And it will be the perfect decentralized tool to track the spread of my mind control chips. I mean medicine. Medicine. Yeah, that's the ticket...”

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