HUGE! Ripple Merges with Apple to Form “Rapple”

In what is being called the most gargantuan and world-changing merger in technology and fintech history, blockchain payments company Ripple and world-megapower Apple joined forces Friday to form the new techno-payment company “Rapple.”

“World: Say hello to my new partner,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at a special event in Los Angeles, welcoming Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse who slid out on stage with great panache. “And get ready to 'think different' once again!”

Video clip of 'XRP in 2 Minutes' played on stage by Apple CEO Tim Cook to explain how they can harness the XRP Ledger to send any value across the globe trustlessly in seconds. The giant corporation joined forces with blockchain payments company Ripple Friday to form the exciting new company “Rapple.”

The innovative new firm will reportedly move forward quickly to revolutionize global payments, utilizing the digital asset XRP to send cheap and friction-free payments around the world through what will be called “Rapplenet.”

“The old world was shackled to Nostro-Vostro, wire-transfer infrastructure,” said Cook, arm-in-arm on stage with Garlinghouse. “But the old world is about to take a long, cold journey in a horse and buggy...”

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