Ripple Hires Elon Musk to Help Get XRP to the Moon

Knowing that they cannot control the price of XRP but would benefit greatly by a large value-increase, blockchain payments company Ripple hired SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Monday as a consultant to help get the digital asset to the moon.

“Well, not literally to the moon, of course,” said Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse to XRP_Productions reporters. “But we love his innovative thinking and we're betting that his ideas will take XRP 'to infinity and beyond'!”

New Ripple consultant Elon Musk and Ripple CTO David Schwartz in the first 'XRP moon brainstorming session'. The session was recorded and will soon be released in an upcoming episode of 'Block Stars.'

XRP, used by Ripple for on-demand liquidity to improve the speed and cost of settling cross border payments, has fallen victim to a prolonged cryptocurrency bear market which peaked in January of 2018.

Despite the struggling price of XRP, of which Ripple is the largest single holder, Ripple has recently received a $10 billion company-valuation after a $200 million Series-C round of investor funding.

“How did you think we could afford to hire Elon?” said Garlinghouse. “Just wait till you see what else we have up our sleeves...”

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