SATIRE New Banksy Artwork Mysteriously Shows XRP Bag SATIRE DID I MENTION THIS IS SATIRE?*

Hello everyone, XRP the Standard Productions here. Are you sitting down? Good. I just wanted to make sure that everyone understands the words that they are about to read are SATIRE. Satirical. It's a satirized satirical piece of comedy. S-a-t-i-r-e. Are we okay to proceed? Are you sure? Okay, get ready to laugh... Here goes...

Appearing on a random wall inside a UK bank overnight Wednesday and capturing the wonder and curiosity of people around the world, a new masterpiece from legendary anonymous artist Banksy displayed a small boy holding a bag of the digital asset XRP.

(Boy, that was really funny, right??? I bet you're laughing so hard right now you can hardly breathe! But remember, this didn't really happen. It's just SATIRE. I hope we didn't harm anyone's life by pretending that a piece of Banksy artwork included XRP when it really didn't.)

(This is the REAL Banksy artwork that just appeared yesterday. You see, this article that you are reading right now is SATIRE. Banksy didn't ever make a piece of artwork with XRP on it. Now that we've cleared that up, feel free to LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH. Ahhhhhhhh! We feel SO much better now that we're giving all of these obvious disclaimers. This is how our satirical articles should have been all along! Wouldn't they have been SO MUCH BETTER AND FUNNIER?)

The news spread like wildfire throughout the online XRP and crypto communities, some people speculating that Banksy was tipping his hat to the digital currency that many think will alter the global financial system and allow people to finally send value as easily and cheaply as information.

(Remember, that last paragraph wasn't really true. The news did not spread throughout the online XRP community, because this news didn't even really happen. XRP_Productions SINCERELY hopes this fun little story didn't hurt anyone. We just wanted people to have a hearty laugh. Please God, forgive us for that.)

Coil subscribers can see XRP_Productions' new campaign since realizing the utter devastation that their satirical articles have caused below...

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