SEC Demands Ripple Lawyers Wear 12 Masks in Next Hearing

Claiming it is “for the safety of all parties during this very serious pandemic,” the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has demanded that lawyers for blockchain payments company Ripple wear “no less than 12 masks” for the upcoming hearing Tuesday.

“We care about protecting people,” said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler to XRP-Productions reporters. “Protecting people from dangerous investments AND protecting people from dangerous viruses... I'm afraid we must INSIST on the 12 masks...”

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler explaining that “the masks should come all the way out to here” on Ripple lawyers during the next hearing.

Many in the online XRP community have speculated that the SEC may have ulterior reasons for the masks, perhaps even to muffle the voices of the Ripple litigation team, stating the fact that the hearing is over the phone.

“That's preposterous,” said Gensler. “We are the SEC! How could ANYONE accuse us of not being altruistic!?”