2nd Airdrop for $FLR Holders

Once Flare Networks goes live (Q1-Q2)

You will receive 15% of $FLR ( the remaining 85% distributed each month between 25-34 Months)

Upon receiving your 15% $FLR * for self custody you will receive 100% of $DFLR. Based on the 15% $FLR. (exact date not confirmed)

You can then use $DFLR to claim $YFLR.

*If you claimed on an exchange and the exchange is not supporting the $DFLR airdrop. Then move your 15% $FLR to Self-Custody or a supporting exchange.

Self Custody Tutorial Ledger Nano, Cobo Vault, Xumm App https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqlc32YZCCY&list=PLk5aJ4Ago6HZU6dfVZQfGbbqMyuxWjeLt

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